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Climate Crime is a campaign currently led by UK Youth Climate Coalition and Students for Climate Solutions NZ. Climate Crime has filed an article 15 submission with the International Criminal Court (ICC) seeking an investigation into British Petroleum Senior Executives for the crime of climate change. The submission outlines the jurisdiction under which the ICC can investigate the crime of climate change. It also provides the factual grounds in line with the thresholds framework required by the ICC prosecutor. 

Students for Climate Solutions (SFCS) and UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC) are a voice for young people on climate and environmental issues in their respective countries. The organisations work to educate and advocate on climate issues and seek to hold decision-makers to account for matters concerning climate change.

SFCS and UKYCC have joined forces to co-file this submission and co-launch this campaign due to the close connection between Aotearoa New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Both youth groups are united across the former colonial divide through the shared experience of great suffering from climate change resulting from the common purpose of BP senior executives.

For further information review the submission here.

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